event registration management

Events In Sync has the “best in the business” registration package.  EventsAIR was built with the event industry in mind and has modelled its software to ensure event planners have the tools that readily make it easy and accessible for all types of registrations.  Through Events In Sync, registrations can also be offered online and payments by VISA, MasterCard and Amex are all accepted.  Registration pages can be developed with your own logo and colors to ensure it creates an extension of your organization.  Prior to the event, the Events In Sync team will be the contact point to ensure your participants have access to someone with questions and assistance.  Onsite registration is offered to ensure your event participants are registered quickly and effortlessly.

EventsAIR online registration captures unlimited quality data both quickly and easily. It has been optimized for mobile devices, so attendees can register from any computer, kiosk, tablet or mobile phone. The registration form captures unlimited contact details, attendee photos, accommodations, payment information, registration types, marketing data and more. It also manages data PCI compliant payment processing and inventory all in real time. To ensure a streamlined, personalized registration process, it offers a Form Logic feature. This allows you to program your form to bypass specific questions according to individual responses (e.g., if someone plans only to attend the first day, it can automatically skip asking questions about subsequent days). Additionally, it can style the registration site according to an organization's brand by adding a logo, branding components, and tailoring colors and fonts.

The Mobile App Feature
By nature, events are an on-the-go experience. To support both event attendees and organizers it offers two mobile apps. The first is the Attendee Mobile App, which attendees can download onto any mobile device. Through it, they can then view the agenda and build their own, search for attendees, send messages, receives alerts and news articles, view live streaming sessions and scan QR codes.
The Mobile Organizer App provides a streamlined version of EventsAIR on any mobile device. Organizers can access a full suite of reports, interact with other staff, monitor and update run sheets, check attendees into the event and sessions, receive alerts, communicate with attendees, announce schedule changes, publish news items, receive information in real time and more.

Powerful Reporting
Running an event involves producing a variety of reports before, during and after. Its powerful reporting feature allows organizers to filter hundreds of pieces of data quickly to create highly complex, yet easy-to-understand reports. It can design the content easily and customize the layout with the organization's logo and branding. When finished generating the reports, it can make them available to stakeholders via URL, PDF print, or export the data into Excel spreadsheets.