Exhibit and Sponsorship programs have been managed successfully for many clients since 1996.  These programs are developed by working with the client on their needs and expectations.  All facets of these programs is handled in-house, including the program development, guide development and marketing tools along with the management of exhibitor space including an Exhibitor Guide and the management of all sponsors ensuring the delivery of all expected benefits to them.  Exhibit shows and sponsorship opportunities are a fluid option for many groups as it provides further funding towards programming and overall revenue lines. 

If you are considering this as an offering at an upcoming event, we would be more than happy to review options with you and answer any and all questions you may have.  Give us a call or contact us by email today.

Hi Ellen, another successful convention is behind us and I wanted to thank you for all your work with sponsors and exhibitors. We continue to enjoy a very solid return rate with commercial members and that is due in large part to your efficient and professional approach and your efforts to help us build a solid program. Thanks again

Donna Rubin, CEO, OANHSS; Sent: Thursday, May 07, 2009; Subject: Convention
I wanted to share my high praise for what has been collectively achieved at this Convention.
This had to be the smoothest run event ever, bar none. Talk about a well-oiled machine! We seem to refine it every year to the point that it's down to an art form. And all of the delegates notice it too. When I think it can't get any better, it just does. My thanks to you, very well done.
It was a great show.

“Excellent communication with the show manager. May 2, 2013
 “Excellent show manager, I received great service from them. Our first time at the show and I was very impressed with their guidance and service. Keep them! 4/15/2015
“They are a great team!” 4/15/2015